Self Management Anxiety Therapy
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Self-Management and Lifestyle Change

This alternative treatment to medicine and therapy is gaining popularity, as it is simple to follow. It can also be customized to suit the needs of each individual sufferer who is in the initial stage. It can also be used together with any ongoing treatment, as it is perfectly safe and no direct side effects.

Talk and open up to trusted people like friends and family. If they are not available or are unable to listen, turn to someone who can, a support group or a psychologist. Never let disapproving comments deter you from living a balanced life. If panic attack sets in despite trying your best, rest assured that there is help out there.

Take a break

Working is to sustain a certain lifestyle but it should not take your life away. Remember to eat, drink and sleep sufficiently. Short power naps have been popular among the Japanese to restart the mind. Have a snack break if needed and drink plenty of water. Walk outside the office and breathe in the fresh air instead of being trapped in an air-conditioned room. Stretch out and resume working after that. Make sure that the cardinal rule of having six to eight hours of sleep is not ignored.

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Sacrifice Alcohol

A glass of wine at a social event is acceptable. Reduce intake whenever possible. Otherwise, do away with this vice. Alcohol pollutes the mind and body. It causes manic depression and does not contribute in any positive way to the well being of a person.

Alter Daily Diet

Change it if you can. Balance your diet with plenty of vegetables, fruits. Opt for white meat instead of red for a start and brown rice instead of white. Reduce consumption of salt and do away with sugary snacks and carbonated drinks.

Drink, drink, drink.

Water is a cure for almost any disease and disorder in the world. Consciously make the switch from drinking coffee to water. The difference will be evidently clear. No more sleeplessness and depending on artificial energy to keep you going. Goodbye anxiety.


People who exercise generally sleep better at night compared to those who do not. This can reduce the number of people suffering from insomnia and sleep disorders.

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