What is AnxietyAttack.org

AnxietyAttack.org is a blog and resource center on anxiety disorders. The toll of having anxiety on a person’s life is huge and sometimes insurmountable. With this in mind, we have decided to make it our mission to thoroughly research this problem and bring to light solutions for the sufferers. We have compiled our research into the resource center and will continue to gather the latest information on this problem.

Who Are We?

AnxietyAttack.org is founded by Alvin Koay, an entreprenuer who is actively practising life skills involving Hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Time Line Therapy, Meta-States, Neuro-Semantics and other cutting-edge technologies of the mind. During the course of practising these skills, he has encountered many instances of anxiety disorders in friends and family members. Most of these were easily treated with just making little adjustments to the sufferer’s mindset, bringing about life-changing experiences. He decided to put his research and acquired skills into this blog with hope that it will also help others who visit the website.

AnxietyAttack.org’s team consists of Al and a few other writers who constantly scour the internet for the latest information on the problem. We operate from the tiny island called Penang, Malaysia.

Our Mission

Our belief is that anxiety disorders are almost all in the head and often times do not require medication. Most sufferers are cured instantly, as soon as they start thinking correctly and decide to stop all toxic thoughts. It is our mission to educate sufferers on how to do so and thus making the change painless and instant.