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Life will change to become more strenuous. More demanding chores will now fall onto the shoulder of the significant other. When one partner is suffering from anxiety disorder, simple tasks, household chores and parenting tasks become the sole responsibility of the other as with parenting issues. It will impact lives in an unimaginable way for the partner who has to live with this chronic condition.

The Norms in Partnership and Marriage

Anxiety disorder can put a serious dent in a couple’s partnership and marriage. It is a difficult time for the partner of anxiety disorder sufferers when additional sacrifice in terms of time and attention are also required of the spouse. Daily schedule gets disrupted and altered as more chores surface. Arguments take the place daily in the once peaceful and happy household.

Simple task such as grocery shopping is suddenly looked upon as burden as one person’s contribution to the household is absent. This can lead to nervous breakdown when the only partner in control also possibly succumbing to stress.

Financial crisis at home

The main financial contributor for the family will be most affected. If he or she is the one suffering from the anxiety disorder, bulk of the burden now falls on the partner Jobs will become scarce to get and keep if the disorder is disruptive to the workplace and performance.

Social circle

Isolation hits anxiety sufferers and this rubs onto their partners. People with anxiety disorders become anti-social and makes up excuses from attending any social-related gathering -often, avoiding it at all course. Couples with partners having anxiety disorders are likely not to be invited for subsequent activities. After a few episodes of declining such invitations, both the anxiety disorder sufferer (and his or her partner) will end up living as social outcast in their circle.

Emotions go awry

The emotions felt by people suffering from anxiety disorder are indirectly felt by their partners. Sudden outburst of emotions in anxiety disorder sufferers such as guilt, sadness, anger, depression and fear will all become familiar. However, for the partners, it can be too overwhelming to handle. A good partner must look for a common ground to deal with their other half’s emotional condition. In many instances, turning to professional help to improve situations is the best investment one can make.

The journey towards improving anxiety disorder in a partnership or marriage may leave one discouraged. It is crucial to it is important to recognize that returning to pre-anxiety disorder life is possible with the right treatment. One can easily make a comeback following successful treatment resulting in improved new beginning with their spouses.

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