Symptoms Of Anxiety Disorder In Older Adults
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Physical Symptoms

Caretakers of the elderly must be extra sensitive to the declining bodily function of an older adult. Their creature comforts have suddenly been taken away from them suddenly due to aging. This situation threatens their livelihood.

Anxiety may manifest itself in symptoms such as sweating, headaches, stomach discomfort, diarrhea, difficulty in breathing, sleep problems, shaking limbs and at times total immobility. The frail elderly with anxiety disorder would also often fall sick. If these symptoms persist for a period of a few years, seek medical help immediately.

Emotional Symptoms

Older adults display numerous signs of ordeal against changes that their body and mind is undergoing. Among the emotional symptoms that stems from anxiety disorder are anger, agitation, sudden outburst in conduct, change in eating habits, aggression and mood swings. Fear of losing control and restlessness also contribute to emotional disturbances in the elderly. Serious anxiety attack and hospitalization may follow in the event the elderly person collapses.

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