Natural Anxiety Treatments
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Severe side effects involving medicines have caused people to lose confidence towards it. Due to the severity of these side effects, medicines become the last choice in treating anxiety disorders. The other instance where medicines are forced upon sufferers is when no other alternative treatment showed any progress in the individuals concerned. When even powerful drugs such Serotonin-specific Reuptake Inhibitors (SSRIs) is slowly losing the people’s confidence in its effectiveness

The following natural treatment using herbs and specific techniques (upon thorough analysis and diagnosis) have been widely used as new source for treatment in anxiety disorders in accordance to the type of disorder a person is suffering from:

Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD)

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is the mostly used treatment for Generalized Anxiety Disorder to help patients deal with their situation better. Other natural option is using a relatively safe herb called Passion flower of Passiflora incarnate to treat this disorder. It has also passed clinical test to treat this type of disorder. Best known for its properties for this purpose, it is especially approved in the European continent. Only a small percentage of users complain of side effects such as nausea, vomiting and heart palpitation.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD)

Majority of OCD sufferers are aware that his or her obsessive actions are completely illogical, but yet they are powerless to control themselves. They engage in ritualistic behavior ranging from washing their hands repeatedly, counting and recounting items, constant checking to performing more complicated rituals. All this repetitive behavior is carried out to help ease the persistent feelings of dread and anxiety.

Some temporary treatment includes allowing these sufferers to wash their hands as and when they feel like it till they are satisfied. Let them check up on unnecessary items, repeat phrases, holding on to possessions and not arguing if they insist on talking to themselves. If the condition becomes a serious medical condition where it is accompanied by other forms of anxiety disorders (and attacks), seek professional help.


An effective herbal remedy called Valerian or Valeriana officinalis, helps reduce anxiety and stress just by taking it after a few weeks! It is also a powerful herb to treat insomniacs. Do not overdo it with this herb. While the effect is fast, excess or prolong.

Sleep Disorder

There are many ways to get a sound good night sleep. Individuals who suffer sleep disorder usually have cluttered thoughts and are unable to organize them. This makes them prone to anxiety attack that is disruptive to their sleep patterns. Try organizing daily task by prioritizing them. It not only saves energy, stress level is instantly reduced.

The herb and flower called Lavender is well known for its properties to induce sleep. Introduce it into the bedroom in every possible form possible – burner, sachet, lavender pillow and eye pillow, bath gel and candles to name a few. The scent is relaxing and triggers off the hormones to cause sleepiness.

There is also another natural herb that can be used to treat this disorder – Kava or its scientific name, Piper methysticum. For centuries, this herb has helped people to overcome sleeping disorders. Even the world of medicine has acknowledged its effectiveness in treating those with troubled sleep. The only bad news is that it has been alleged to have a negative effect on the liver. Tread carefully and have your liver examined before taking this herb.

Music therapy is proven effective even in infancy. Classical music has powerful effect on development of the brain for infants. At the same time, it soothes infant and adults alike when classical music is played. Classical and other calming music also lower blood pressure and relax the mind and body. Meditate when possible with the aid of music to fully recover the experience total relaxation.

Medication such as anti-depressants and sleeping pills known as Serotonin-specific reuptake inhibitor (SSRIs) and Benzodiazepines are popular drugs used to treat sleeping disorder. However, this is not without side effects. The common complaints are withdrawal symptom, drowsiness, confusion and forgetfulness and drug dependency. Some can lead to deadly encounter.


A non-herb, alternative remedy is the regular intake of Vitamin B Complex. It helps fight anxiety, irritability and mood swings due to fatigue. Adequate sleep is equally essential to regain focus and rid all mood swings. The best treatment before using drugs to treat this disorder is rest. Make time to distress to increase energy and drive.

Eating Disorder

Individuals who suffer from eating disorder succumb to society’s expectation of what they should be. Sufferers or anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa go under the assumption that the way he or she looks is never good enough. They will never be satisfied until their impossible standards are met. Treating this type of disorder requires various groups of people to help in recovery – family or friends, medical practitioner, support group, dietitian and a personal trainer when the disorder is under control.

Family therapy is fast becoming the top choice for treating sleeping disorder. This is especially true when sufferers are young adults below the age of 16 (18 or 21 depending on country or state of residency) where most treatment requires parents’ consent. This form of therapy involves the caregiver of the patient where he or she plays an active supporting role to be able to help understand these young individuals’ plight better.

Psychological treatment such as cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is very popular and effective in treating this disorder. Support group of people with the same disorder is another frequent choice to make sufferers feel less isolated about their condition. It is important for the sufferer to know that there are others like them and surviving the ordeal is possible.

The decision to start treatment using medication must be carefully considered. Depending on the type of disorder and patient’s immediate needs, medication can be introduced if truly necessary. Be sure to obtain information about any possible side effects, if any.

Dealing with Specific Phobia

Examples include fear of flying, spiders, snakes or other animals, heights, small tight places (enclosed places), people, crowds (stage fright included).

A well-known treatment called the Gestalt Therapy is also used to help anxiety sufferers face their fears head on. By putting the person in the situation they fear most, he or she is facing the fear and in time will overcome that fear. Other therapy options available include Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and the Short-Term Dynamic Therapy (STDT).

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