Top 10 Ways To Help Your Spouse Overcome Anxiety
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Having a partner who is suffering from anxiety disorder can be a frightening experience. Your partner will be looking to you for support and encouragement to pass through this difficult phase in his or her life. Allow your partner ample time to heal by offering all the help he or she might need. Do not rush recovery.

Take one day at a time with the following Top 10 tips:

  1. Listen well. Be empathic.
  2. Conduct your own research and educate yourself about anxiety disorder.
  3. Cheer your partner on to boost self-confidence for treatment.
  4. Do not criticize.
  5. Each individual heals differently. Never compare your partner’s progress against pre determined expectations
  6. Stand by your partner through the recovery process no matter how long it takes. Ultimately, the concern lies in giving your partner the best of what is available in support, relationship and treatment.
  7. Strike a balance between being patient and firm with your partner. Learn to step back when required and push forward if necessary.
  8. Take the step-by-step approach in setting goals.
  9. Re-establish communication. Offer to help and wait for acceptance.
  10. Do not pretend or lie to your partner. Never say, “I know how you feel” without actually having gone through any anxiety attack experience as your partner.

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