Living In Anxiety
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Detecting the difficulties of a partnership early in the relationship is vital for couples in an exclusive union or marriage. Challenges are inevitable. Failing to compromise on differences in principles and morals, child upbringing, day-to-day habits, financial issues and inadequacy in the bedroom all can test even the strongest relationship. All that and more contribute to souring of relationships when one partner is battling an anxiety disorder. No matter how one denies it, anxiety disorder can wreck a relationship if the partnership cannot hold up to pressure. Feelings of hopelessness often cloud the mind into taking rational actions. Giving in to anger and guilt will only make things worse. Understanding how the other person feels is helpful before offering help and support. Accepting anxiety disorder as part of the package in relationship is a must for it to withstand the test of time.

What does Anxiety Disorder do to a relationship or marriage?

Every possible tie related to the person who has generalized anxiety disorder will deteriorate. Relationships with the spouse, children, family members, friends and coworkers are likely to take a turn for the worse. However, the impact on a couple’s relationship is by far the most significant compared to the rest. Relationship issues heightened beyond general norms. Frequent arguments, avoidance of social interaction and intimacy rank as the top three distress signals when anxiety disorder is present in unassuming couples. Communication sours and the further consequences worsen as ability to be engaged in day-to-day activities becomes less and less exciting.

What are the challenges ahead if a partner suffers of anxiety disorder?

Life will change to become more strenuous. More demanding chores will now fall onto the shoulder of the significant other. When one partner is suffering from anxiety disorder, simple tasks, household chores and parenting tasks become the sole responsibility of the other as with parenting issues. It will impact lives in an unimaginable way for the partner who has to live with this chronic condition.

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