Pay attention to the early symptoms. It can save the life of the young ones. Anxiety disorders can arise out of any situations involving fear. This fear is so strong that it is able to take over the mind of a child or teenager to act irrationally. When a child is afraid of something, the fear they face is real and not made up. If they claim there is a monster in the closet, to them, they do exist. This is taken lightly and not seriously enough to ring the alarms of concern in parents.

Physical Symptoms Of Anxiety Disorder In Children

Parents must be sensitive to their children’s sudden physical or bodily changes that take place in their child. Look for symptoms that mimic normal everyday discomforts. They are noticeable and the easiest to detect.

A child suffering from anxiety disorder often falls sick. They tend to be ill due to fear of being out of their comfort zone. Sleeping disorder tops the list of symptoms of anxiety disorder followed by hyper-activity, headaches, stomach discomfort and difficulty in breathing when put in a threatened environment they fear most. In the case of abuse and violent, the house or place where the incidents occur becomes the most fearful place. Children can be very eloquent. When they become docile, it is an obvious sign that something is wrong. If these symptoms persist for a period of a few months, do not delay in seeking medical help. Other physical symptoms include palpitations and shaking limbs or immobility.

Emotional Symptoms Of Anxiety Disorder In Children

Mood swings, sudden outburst in conduct, change in eating habits and aggression are signs that your child may be suffering emotionally from anxiety disorder. If not watched, serious anxiety attack and hospitalization may follow in the event the child collapses. If your child shows negative reactions towards school, a specific past time or bizarre and unjustified fear towards something miniscule, probe further by being supportive. Find out what the root of the problem is to have caused such fear. Panic disorders are real and warrant serious attention.

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